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I can receive emails but can't send out?
Last Updated 6 months ago

We are sorry for the problems you have discovered with trying to send emails. Unfortunately the good intentions of our email hosts in improving security on outgoing messages is being introduced randomly by them so we cannot give you notice in advance other than our Tweet made on 7 October on

To resolve in Outlook go to “File” and then “Account setting” and double-click on the account with the issue.

Find the section for Outgoing server settings (this may be under ‘More Settings’/’Advanced’ tab).

Update the Outgoing server information with the following settings -

Port :587
Encryption : change to AUTO or STARTTLS or NONE if neither are available

Tick ‘my outgoing (SMTP) mail server requires authentication’ and select the box ‘use same settings as incoming mail server’

Click next and accept any security certificate that pops up.

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